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MOLE-CONTROL & PEST MANAGEMENT is fully licensed and authorized to eradicate or remove any type of pest invasion, including: Moles, Glis-Glis, Pigeons, Crows, Rodents, Foxes & Domestic Pests.

Depending on the type of pest and the devastation caused, only humane trapping techniques and skills will be used to control or eliminate their presence. Our company does not use any form of chemicals in any of our pest control programmes.

When calling to report your pest problem, we operate a rapid response service and will always undertake a site visit to establish the correct solution to eradicate the pest problem. Once you have approved the plan of action and agreed to the estimate for the work to be carried out, our professional team of fully licensed and authorized pest controllers will swiftly commence their work to resolve the pest issues, stopping any further contamination or destruction.

Natural England is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Our company is fully registered with Natural England and licensed to trap Glis-Glis. It is illegal to capture and dispose of Glis-Glis without this licence.

Your worst nightmare, moles injuring the horses and riders!  Once moles are established within an Equestrian Centre, the consequences can be devastating. * Moles are a serious risk to horses and their riders, as an infestation of moles will create dangerous riding conditions with pot holes and tunnels underfoot. * Horses can easily step on a mole hill which will be camouflaging a hole in the ground made by the mole and break their leg. * In addition, the shallow tunnels that moles dig can easily collapse under the weight of the horse and rider, resulting in a nasty fall for both horse and rider.

“MOLE CONTROL”   We specialise in the pest control of “moles” and our professional mole catcher uses and applies modern, humane trapping techniques to stop their destruction to your landscape, fields and gardens.

When moles and their unsightly “molehills” start to appear on your property, the havoc and devastation can quickly get out of control, as a single mole tunnels on average 20 meters per day, excavating THREE Kilo’s of soil to the surface every 10 minutes!

Once established underground, a moles network of tunnels can become complicated and the consequences are devastating to lawns, parks and farmland. Moles will cause immense amount of damage over time, as their mounds of earth eventually collapse with heavy rainfall which in turn ruins the landscape with an uneven surface, stretching forever.